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Introducing The Executive Hub

We recognise the relentless drive behind every entrepreneur's journey—the pursuit of a life well-lived, filled with passion and spent with loved ones.

Founded with a passionate commitment to making a tangible difference in the lives of entrepreneurs and business owners, The Executive Hub was born from a desire to witness the spark of joy and fulfillment in the faces of those we've positively impacted.

Meet Our Directors


Managing Director

Phil Ransome

Business Advisory And Mentoring

Phil has enabled over 300 businesses to enhance profitability, develop effective business strategies, and optimize operations for sustainable growth through his comprehensive business guidance and executive coaching.


His expertise includes:

  • Expert in business advisory, coaching, and mentoring since 2007

  • Extensive experience in senior management roles nationally and internationally

  • Facilitation of executive roundtables for comprehensive business guidance



Mike Rowe

Business Advisory And CFO Service

Mike has over 20 years of consulting expertise in technology and professional services, specializing in business turnarounds, financial transformations, and growth preparations for businesses looking to scale.


  • Chartered Accountant with extensive strategic and CFO experience

  • 20+ years of consulting in technology and professional services

  • Specialist in business turnarounds, financial transformations, and growth preparations

Meet Our Board Members


Board Member

Kelly Keates

Zonge Engineering and Research Organisation (Australia) Pty Ltd

Kelly is an experienced director in the mining and metals industry, skilled in mineral exploration, nickel, earth science, mining, and minerals. A graduate of Harvard Business School and Oxford Said Business School, Kelly brings strategic leadership and technical expertise to our board. With a proven track record, she is dedicated to guiding our team and members towards innovation and sustainable success.


Board Member

Natasha Hemmerling

Partner, Clarke Hemmerling Lawyers Chairperson

Natasha is a Partner at Clarke Hemmerling Lawyers and has significant experience advising clients in a broad range of practice areas. She advises clients on all manner of business transactions including business sales, joint ventures, mergers, leases, contracts, property transactions, employment and franchising.

An integral part of Natasha’s practice is to assist clients with the early identification of business risks along with the provision of practical solutions to solve problems typically faced by clients in a variety of commercial situations.

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