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Introducing The Round Table Facilitators

Welcome to the Executive Hub Roundtable: Meet Our Round Table Facilitators

At the heart of the Executive Hub Roundtable are our distinguished facilitators, each bringing a wealth of expertise and industry knowledge to guide and enrich our collaborative discussions. Our facilitators are seasoned professionals, thought leaders, and experts in their respective fields, committed to fostering meaningful dialogue, sharing insights, and driving innovation. Get to know the experts steering our roundtable sessions and discover the unparalleled depth of experience they offer to our members.


Phil Ransome

Phil has enabled over 300 businesses to enhance profitability, develop effective business strategies, and optimise operations for sustainable growth through his comprehensive business guidance and executive coaching.


His expertise includes:

  • Expert in business advisory, coaching, and mentoring since 2007

  • Extensive experience in senior management roles nationally and internationally

  • Facilitation of executive roundtables for comprehensive business guidance

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Suzanne Murphy

Leading strategies for 20+ years internationally across manufacturing, wholesale and retail sectors in brand and product management, retail category and marketing.

Expert in guiding businesses from start-up to $multi-million, utilising extensive lived experience across the corporate sectors and consulting directly with SME’s.


Expertise includes:

  • Expert in brand and marketing strategies, leadership coaching and mentoring since 2018.

  • 20+ years experience in executive management internationally, leading growth strategies, large cross-function teams and chairing global committees.

  • Specialist in leadership training and development programs for business and brand growth.

  • Seasoned executive coach and leadership mentor.


Lowen Partridge

Family Business And Branding

Lowen, a seasoned Certified Practising Marketer, brings over 20 years of consulting experience across diverse sectors such as construction, finance, food and wine, health, retail, local government, manufacturing and tourism.


Her areas of expertise include:

  • Creating competitive and authentic brands

  • Driving brand development and sales through strategic marketing

  • Advising family businesses on establishing Family Councils and developing Family Charters

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